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Facing Panic Head On

Facing anything head-on isn't easy, but facing panic attacks is a nightmare. From getting out of bed to falling asleep panic lurks in the darkest corners waiting to attack.

If you have never truly had a panic attack then it is very hard to explain, so if it sounds dramatic to you, then you haven't had one.  Facing the revelation that by creating Panic Aide™ has made me face my panic head on. I have had to drop the pride and put it out there to not only help my kids and others but in turn myself.

How to face panic is measured in baby steps. Each fear, each thought, each question are just baby steps. Sometimes steps walk into a panic attack and that is when all thought processes are gone. So have a plan.  My plan starts by drinking Panic Aide™ and within 15 minutes I feel calmer.  But, when in panic mode that leaves plenty of time to feel like you are dying.

Tips to help when you are facing a panic attack.

  1. Have a saying: Mine is simply this: I am not crazy. God, you are bigger than this. You are in control and you have given me control. You find whatever helps you but memorize it and make it simple.
  2. Have a music playlist ready on your phone with soothing music to keep you keep calm.
  3. Try to count backward from 50 in 3's - something not so easy you can do it without thinking. Make it harder so you can defocus from the panic.

After suffering for over 30 years of panic this is a personal war, here to take baby steps with you.


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