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Fear of a Panic Attack

What has fear kept you from?

Many sufferers of panic or anxiety attacks also deal with fear. Fear of having a panic attack can be just as crippling as having one.

Why do I say that? How many have you did not go on the trip, or to the event because of FEAR?  That is where it begins and the anxiety starts to bubble up. Fear opens the door and says you are going to have a panic attack if you go.

When I think of all the events in my families lives I have missed through the years due to fear of panic attacks it breaks my heart. I have explained and asked for forgiveness but you can’t go back and change the fact you missed it.

Fear is a liar, and its time to stand up and take your life back.

Start simple with going to dinner or a lunch, and I always take my own transportation so if it happens I have a way out. Bring your Panic Aide and pray you don’t need it.

Have you kept yourself back from things? Well, its time to stop and get your life back!

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