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Two Words: Panic Attack



Both words have an equal amount of fear attached to them and together they can change your life.

They have ruined relationships, events, graduations, birthdays, vacations and more experiences I didn’t take part in that I will regret for the rest of my life. That is the bad news.

The good news: You can do it.  What works is different for each person, but a proven trick: a security blanket.  Ok, it’s not an actual security blanket it could be your prescription, a stuffed animal, or Panic Aide with you at all times.  No matter where you go you will know it is with you and can help in ten minutes.

Do I still carry my security blanket? Absolutely. I never leave home without it.  Does it stop it from happening? No. Does it help deter it? Yes.

Stand tall and know that panic, anxiety, and fear does not define you.  We can get past it, smile and start all over again,


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