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Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

Ways to Stop a Panic Attack.

That had to get your attention.

If I could say without any doubt that there was a cure or a way to stop a panic attack I would have already started using it 25 years ago.

When you are in the middle of a panic attack- you know when you are in the depths of pure chaos in your mind and body and can’t find a way out. At that point, it is very difficult to do anything.  Or say anything for that matter.

Things I have done that help me when having a panic attack.

  • Panic Aide.  I have to say after 25 years this is the best way to bring me down. This is a new solution for me to be clear as we just launched officially in June.
    • The combination of chamomile, GABA, lavender, pure full spectrum phyto complex, better known as CBD.
  • Pray.  I start talking to God immediately. All in my own head as that is where the battle is.
  • Sing.  “Tis’ so sweet to trust in Jesus” an old hymn of all things is my go to. BUT whatever song you love to sing in your mind to take the focus off what is going on.
  • Speak. I should say scream, but I yell at that panic attack and tell it to go away. I mentally encourage myself.  Stop it. You just need to breathe. You can do this. etc.

These are just the things I have done for almost 3 decades. Honestly, you know your mind and body better than anyone. You have to get to that point where FIRST go see your family doctor to make sure you are in good health and that there are no other issues medically. Second, go to a good, educated, licensed counselor. Commit to going until you are better and don’t stop once you think you are ‘better’.

You can do this and there is hope. Do not let this destroy you, life does get better.

Peace. Positivity. Prayer.


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