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Hi,  I am Cheryl Poldrugach and welcome to Panic Aide. My passion is helping others work through anxiety and panic. Cheryl Poldrugach Founder of Panic Aide

Why Panic Aide?  Simply out of desperation.  For 30 years I have fought severe anxiety and panic attacks.  My son was the first to inherit my anxiety, but at the time I didn't know what to do.  Fast forward to a few years ago when my daughter started having problems, (as well as several of her friends), and that is when I had to make something to help when panic hits.  I researched and worked with experts in different fields from chemistry to nutraceuticals to create Panic Aide.  We then shared it with hundreds of families, friend,  and people who suffered from panic and anxiety to test it that is how we got to the Panic Aide™ final formula.


The story continues as we are now working on a non profit, The Healing Aide Foundation, which is created to help those who need financial help for counseling and psychiatric care as well as medication. We know the key to helping recover and heal mental health is with counseling and if needed medication regardless if you can afford it. 10% of all sales are going to mental health charities.

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