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What is Panic Aide?

Panic Aide™ is a brand dedicated to helping you deal with life's stresses.

We made all our products a 2 ounce quick drink so it would be bio available in your system quicker when you need it most. Also, when anxiety and panic hit some sufferers have a hard time swallowing and others are nauseous so we knew a mild flavor and a drink would make it the best way to help.

Questions and Answers

What's in it?

We have a proprietary calming blend that includes Ashwaghanda, Chamomile, Gaba, Lavender as well as some other natural ingredients. There is no St. Johns Wart so if you are taking anti-depressants you should check with your doctor but there are no conflicting ingredients.

How much do you drink?

  • Drink the full 2 ounce bottle.
  • If you have a sensitive system and less is more, or trying new things is a trigger for your anxiety, than please drink a 1/2 of the bottle.  If you feel a little better after 15 minutes drink the rest if you like.

Can you take it if you are just really stressed and anxious?

  • 100% yes to any of our products

Will Panic Aide™ make me fall asleep?

  • Short answer no. It will help you relax and calm down. In my experience, when I am coming down from a panic attack I am exhausted and usually want to lay down anyhow.
  • If you are just stressed then try Anxiety Aide
  • If you want to slow your mind and fall asleep please take Panic Aide™ PM

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